Campdite in the Ariège : La Pibola Campsite in Pyrénées : La Pibola


Let your body do its thing.
Sign-posted paths criss-cross the hills, on and upwards to those that lead towards the peaks; Nature beckons with its lure of chlorophyll.

Whatever your style on 2 wheels everyone will find what they are looking for: flat land rides (like the green route, ideal for families), tracks that are a bit more rugged for the VTT, or a vertical challenge climbing a few mountain passes (and these are not in short supply here).

Paddling, rowing, swimming

Rafting, canoe, swimming costume, you will find a choice of facilities that let you splash around in the liquid stuff.

Get your rod and lines ready for fishing. Come and tickle the fish in lakes and rivers.

The rocks or dive in the caves. Adventure is there for the taking whether above or beneath the firmament.

Horse trekking
Ponies or horses are chomping at the bit to take you out either walking, at the trot or at the gallop. You can even finish off with a bath on horseback in lake Montbel.

But then… one thing is for sure, becoming bored, that’s not possible!

Horse trekking in Camon

Walking in Camon


Rafting in Ariègee

Pool of campsite

Pool of campsite La Pibola in Ariège

Pedalling VTT

VTT in Ariège


Fishing in Ariège
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